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How to access RSO funding 

To complete the forms, you must be signed in to Involve@State: 

  • Forms can be found at RSO Business Office under the forms tab or you can just access them in the Menu under Forms

Reimbursement based, up to $4500 for event happening in semester funds are applied for (Ex: if applied for in Spring '23 then reimbursement for that semester): 

RSOBFS On-Campus Financial Account Application:

  • Pretty well explained in the form itself, if you need a new account there’s an option for that, if you just need to add signers to your account you can do that too.

RSOBFS Deposit Request Form:

  • This is to deposit cash and/or checks directly into your account

  • It is explained pretty well on the form how to fill it out, but there’s only spots for three checks on each form, so more than one may be needed

  • After the form is filled out, you’ll get an email with a Cash Deposit Receipt and you’ll have to take that with everything you’re depositing to the Cashier's Office in Room 100 Hannah Administration Building

RSOBFS Reimbursement/
Vendor, Speaker, Performer Payments/Donation:

  • This one is a little more complicated, but not too bad. Like it says, use this form to reimburse from your account and to pay between two RSO accounts.

  • Used the most out of all financial forms

  • Reimbursements need to be done within 90 days

RSOBFS Credit Card Purchase Request:

if you have any questions regarding RSO funding or need further explanation, please contact our VP of Communications, Ishita Saripalle (, or our VP of Finance, Joe Nelson (

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