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Engineering Student Council (ESC)

Engineering Student Council (ESC) serves as the undergraduate governing student organization in the College of Engineering at MSU, as well as the umbrella organization for all engineering student organizations.


ESC is designed to help students enrolled in the College of Engineering (CoE) in a variety of ways. We help students get involved in extracurricular opportunities, get resources for registered student organizations (RSO), and provide a voice for undergraduate student concerns to the college's administration.


As the undergraduate governing student organization, some of our core responsibilities involve us acting as test groups for administrative changes, communicators of college-wide issues and developments, and final selectors of the commencement speaker and singer each year.


As the umbrella organization for engineering student organizations, we help to manage college-wide events, mitigate issues that these groups encounter, provide funding to RSOs, and work to boost RSO membership as much as possible.

Our Team


Matt Skulski


I am currently a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering. Besides ESC, I am also involved with Engineers Without Boarders, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and H-STAR. In the past, I have interned as a R&D Engineering Intern for PPG and as a Plant Engineering Intern at Dow. Outside of academics I enjoy hiking, football, and traveling.


Ishita Saripalle 

Executive Vice President

Engineering College Advisory Council

I am currently a junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business. Besides ESC, I am also involved in the Women in Engineering Rise program. My hobbies include hanging out with friends, working out, playing tennis, and going out. 


Mackenzie Voss

Vice President of Membership

I'm a sophomore majoring in Environmental engineering. I am a member of Phi Sigma Rho, CHAARG, and March For Our Lives. Outside of school I like to travel, hang out with friends, and play soccer! 


Esha Sura

Activities Chair

I am currently a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. Besides being the activities chair in Engineering Student Council, I am involved in MSU STARX and MSU CIUS. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my friends and working out.


Neha Sil

Vice President of Finance

I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. Outside of being VP of Finance in ESC, I am also apart of Women in Computing as well as VIM. Besides my academics, I love traveling, working out, and going on hikes.

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